Goal Setting

I briefly touched upon the topic of goal setting in my blog, A Tough Week, however, I have more than just a marathon time in mind.

I can gauge a reasonable measure of how my training is going from week to week, but I always find it easier when I have a set event to measure myself against. The first (and only) 10km race I ran was the Windmill 10km in 2016, and in my head, I had prepared well. I’d been out running most weeks, stretched a bit and eaten some pasta the night before. I ran that in 50:07 and was fairly pleased but immediately set my sights on running further, meaning that my “official” 10km PB remains the same.

Which is why I have set myself another challenge of running the Wesham 10k, on the 25th November, in 45 minutes. Considering I haven’t run a 10km that fast ever, this is probably not a very achievable goal but it should do the trick to get my arse in gear.

Me, finishing the Windmill 10k. I honestly didn’t feel as bad as I looked.

Another goal of mine was to change my diet. My diet was by no means poor, but I felt there was room for improvement. Therefore, for this past week I have been eating a plant-based diet (I’m trying to avoid the V word as that makes people uneasy), and I can honestly say that I’m feeling great. Whether this is psychological, or the diet is actually affecting me, I can’t know for certain. But what I do know, is that I’m feeling good.

Most people who have spoken to me about it have asked the same questions. Don’t you just want a steak? Hasn’t your family disowned you? Are you spending a lot more time on the toilet? And to answer those quickly: No. Almost. And yes, but it’s getting better, I think my body was just getting used to the change. I hope.

I’ve had one or two terrible meals, but for the most part, I’m actually eating nicer food. In order to make sure I’m not eating boring plates full of beans and spinach, I’ve been really trying to make interesting food. Initially, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to meet my daily goal of 3000 calories, but this has just meant that I’ve had to learn a bit more about nutrition and I’m not really finding any of it too hard. For those who are interested, I’m thinking of posting a meal plan soon.

I’m not going to preach the word of Veganism and I haven’t sold my leather wallet, belts, shoes or my feather pillow yet but if I’m still feeling good after next week, I may be extending my “trial”. Watch this space.

Benjamin Hackett, 24th September 2017

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