Marathon Decisions

I apologise for not posting my blog yesterday as per usual, but I was out celebrating my mother’s birthday.

For me, the 1st October also marked a month without alcohol and two weeks of eating a plant-based diet, so my family and I went out for a meal and to treat myself after doing so well these past weeks… I had a lime and soda and ate from the Vegan menu.

I mentioned last week that the diet was going well, I was feeling good and enjoying the new foods I was eating. I also mentioned that I was considering extending the trial period; this second week has confirmed my plans. I’m still feeling good and I think I’ll be staying vegan for the foreseeable future. The plan to upload recipes is a work in progress; I’m getting there.

My running on the other hand, has unfortunately taken a back seat this week. Having just started at university, I’m finding it hard to work out my new routine. When I did manage to get out however, I was feeling fresh. I managed to run 5km (fairly comfortably) at my goal 10km pace, so I’m feeling confident for that race.

In other news, today was the day the London Marathon Ballot entry places were released. People all over the country have been receiving letters either congratulating or commiserating. Some of those who didn’t gain a place, have also received an email.

I have received nothing.

If I’m being honest, I had completely forgotten about all of this. I was reminded when one of the charities I had registered interest in emailed to wish me luck. Since then I’ve been waiting by the door for the post and refreshing my emails all day.

I have come to the (realistic, not pessimistic) conclusion that I’m probably not going to get in, hence why I have started searching for other marathons to run. After checking Twitter, it appears that I may still get a letter this week, but I’m not banking on it.

I’ve decided therefore, to comprise a list of alternative marathons. The Blackpool Marathon, on the same day as London, would be a reasonable option. A flat course, great for PB’s. But, it is in Blackpool. (No offence).

Whilst traveling this summer, I jokingly picked up a leaflet for the Saint Tropez Marathon. After looking into it, it sounds better than the London Marathon and I’m almost hoping for the rejection letter (that’s a joke, I think). The race starts in Sainte-Maxime, and throughout the 26.2 miles travels through Grimaud, Cogolin, Gassin, Saint-Tropez, Ramatuelle, La Croix-Valmer and finishes in Cavalaire-sur-Mer. If you google a few of those places, it’s clear that it would be quite a pleasant run.

A photo from last years Saint Tropez Marathon, I bet there’s no vineyards in London.

Although Saint Tropez sounds good, I don’t think it’s the most financially-sound choice. There are loads of marathons to choose from: Liverpool, Windermere, Edinburgh, the list goes on. I’ll update you next week on my decisions but for now, my fingers are still crossed for London.

Benjamin Hackett, 2nd October 2017



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