An Update (A good one!)

I feel I start the majority of my blogs by apologising, so this time, I’m not doing it.

But my bad, it’s been a while.

A lot has happened since my last post so I’ll try and fill you in. The first part of this blog was written on the 24th February, just after I had run the Stanley Park 10k. The last part was written today. I hope it’s not too confusing.


A calm Friday night in with a few beers and a lot of carbs was, in my head, a perfect way to prepare for a 10k which I wasn’t actually that prepared for.

“I think you’re stupid for drinking before a race”, shouted my mum before she left. But what was two beers going to do to me? And I wouldn’t really call it a race… I’ll be fine.

How wrong I was.

I’m not going to go into too much detail, but I had a sudden urge to use the bathroom the next morning due to some “stomach complications”, which left me rushing to get out on time. In the mad rush I managed to wolf down a bowl of oats and grab everything I needed before jumping in the car 15 minutes later than planned. I needn’t have worried about the time however, as we pulled into the car park at 9:35, an hour and 25 minutes before the race started.

As I jumped out of the car, my grumbling stomach was suddenly not my biggest concern as I discovered that it was approximately minus 700 degrees (that’s hyperbole but you know what I mean). A quick run to collect my number and a sit in the car was as much warming up as I was feeling.

I was aiming for 47:00 but I wasn’t sure that it was even doable. My training had been ‘inconsistent’ at best but I had signed up so I was determined to run.

As I squeezed myself towards the front before the start, I found myself stood behind the 45 minute pacer and, for some reason, I had the wild idea to try and stick with him; as it turns out, the idea wasn’t too wild after all.

I won’t go into all the details of the race like my split times or how I got beat by a man pushing his baby in a pram (yes, really) but I crossed the line in 45:29!

For the first time in a while, my 3:30 marathon goal seemed achievable!



That brings me to now, Monday 12th March.

Since the 10k, I’ve had a couple of weeks without any structure to my training, a few long runs and a few tempo runs but that was about it.

But, last week was my first week of the ‘official training programme’ and, if I say so myself, I’ve smashed it. 4 runs totalling 51.4km (including a fartlek session and a 13 mile long run) means that my training is well and truly underway!

So, for all those who were worried about my ambitious goal, don’t be as worried because I’ve officially started training.

I’ll be writing another blog soon about running my marathon for charity so keep an eye out for that.

Benjamin Hackett, 12th March 2018

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